Where Has All The Spirit Gone?

Have We Lost Our Spirit?

Leader and employee spirit is the currency of success and yet these statistics tell a story that is economically not viable.


Different Economic Realities Call for Different Leadership Skills

The Key to Building a Sustainable Organization

Leadership’s ability to renew the spirit, energy and focus of anxious, dis-spirited employees is the key to building a sustainable organization in the new global economy. But yesterday’s leadership skills are no longer enough to achieve this.

Yesterday’s leadership skills created this problem … (Gallup)

27% of employees are actively […]


Healthy Leaders Create Healthy Organizations

“No!  No! No!  This Is Not What I Wanted”

Here’s the scenario.  I will bet that you have been there, done that!  We all have.

You are in a meeting and things are not going well for you.  Others are dismissing your ideas and point of view and they are making decisions that you do […]