Dr. Sandy Gluckman’s Bio

Dr. Gluckman shows leaders and managers how to connect with employees in a way that creates significantly improved productivity and profitability.  She is a master at   teaching the kind of behavior and communication skills that bridge the gap between leaders and their business teams and enhances exceptional performance and sustainable growth.

Her highlyeffective leadership development methodology, called Spirited Economics™, has shifted thousands of leaders and teams around the globe from mediocre  to exceptional.  Spirited Economics™  comprises a set of innovative skills  that enable leaders to monetize the spirit and energy of employees.  This approach is based on Sandy’s extensive research and experience which shows  that when employee spirit increases, operational costs decrease and productivity and profitability increase. It is this measurable connection between high levels of leadership and employee spirit and high levels of performance  that makes Sandy’s leadership program so unique.

Dr. Gluckman works with leaders in the private and public sectors, in the service, sales, manufacturing, wholesale and retail industries.  She has great expertise working with integrating cultures in mergers and acquisitions assisting leaders in shortening the transition, rapidly stabilizing the organization and protecting the bottom line.


She is the author of a groundbreaking book “Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?: Using Spirit to Lead Successfully”. This practical, hands-on book is the culmination of vast experience and research. In this book she describes the specific behavior and communication skills practiced by great leaders whose teams deliver exceptional results. Several new “Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?” titles are in the works, applying the principles of Spirited Economics™ to customer service, marketing, decision-making and innovation.


Dr Gluckman has lectured for the Executive MBA Program at Texas Women’s University and The University of Dallas Graduate School of Management. She is a popular, invited guest on radio talk shows and the subject of various newspaper articles.  She has also published extensively in business journals.  Sandy is a frequent speaker at business conferences as well as at internal company events and executive education programs.  Her dynamic business and leadership topics, delivered in her own spirited way, have inspired many audiences.

Sandy has a PhD in using both sides of the brain (left brain logic and right brain emotion) for planning and communicating. She has authored a chapter on this subject in the book, Mission Possible.  She also uses whole brain tools in her seminars, workshops, and keynotes to obtain dynamic interaction and retention of new skills.


Dr Gluckman’s professional dynamism and her tested methodology and tools result in significant and sustainable  improvement in results.  She is known for what one client describes as “a forthright and confident style which is based on extensive experience and which has proven to be very conducive to making rapid progress.” Or, in the words of another client, “Dr. Gluckman’s perspective and her candid approach are wonderful.”

This forthright approach, together with extraordinary insight into organizational and people behavior, allows Sandy to identify and challenge leadership inefficiencies and build leaders that are capable of crafting and implementing profitable and innovative strategies.

Explore Her Principles

Sandy invites you to consider the information she provides in white papers, books, articles, blogs, and newsletters, and discover how you can achieve sustainable growth for your organization in these challenging times by applying the principles of Spirited Economics™ in your company.