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About Discus Assessments

DISC has been around since the late 1800’s, so this methodology is not new.  Discus represents a new generation in professional profiling solutions.  Developed around the industry standard DISC system, it offers far more than simple DISC profiling and interpretation. For example, also available as standard are relationship assessment, team building, job matching, negotiation profiling and more.

We use the profile information to understand how people prefer to engage their work environment, how they will match/fit with the behavior required in specific jobs, how they will interact and combine as a team, and what development may be required to close identified gaps. The DISC methodology creates a common language for us to understand & communicate the uniqueness of individual behavior and work styles.


  • Reduced Turnover- hiring the “right people” the first time around “saves time and money.”
  • Recruiting people into the “right job” or a good “job fit” initially which leads to productive and satisfied employees.
  • Identifying the “best fit” for candidates quickly and confidently & reduce time to hire.
  • Analyze the job and then match the “best fit” candidates in your candidate pool.
  • Analyze the “dynamics” between the Manager and the new employee in a relationship report to provide for a smooth transition and on-boarding process.
  • Analyze and understand teams within your organization and why they are productive or dysfunctional. How does changing the members of a team affect the dynamics of that team?
  • Increase the subjectivity of your hiring process by utilizing “objective” information.
  • Make more confident hiring decisions. By including our assessment and profiling system as part of your existing recruitment processes, hiring processes can be streamlined, turnover reduced and retention increased.

    DISCUS Reporting

Recruitment Solution: Make Confident Hiring Decisions

By better understanding your “specific job” and what behaviors you are seeking from people to be successful in this job, you can more easily identify quality candidates. Interviewing and reference checks are great, but on their own they do not always provide you with the most objective information to make solid hiring decisions.

Assessment removes personal biases and focuses on providing you with “objective” information. Our professional profiling solution will save you time, money and give you a different perspective when recruiting new employees.

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