The HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®)

The HBDI® is a highly validated online assessment tool that provides individuals and teams with an in-depth understanding of their thinking preferences – and how thisHermann impacts their performance.

Understanding Your Thinking Style as a Leader

This is a self assessment.  The results reveal how your thinking preferences affect your behaviors, communication, decisions, plans, and ability to execute.

The HBDI Assessment also provides a comprehensive personal developmental plan showing how you can expand the way you interpret and use information which will then positively impact your communication, problem solving, decision-making, and interpersonal abilities.

Whole Brain Teams Deliver Whole Brain Results

Do you have a team that views the world from diverse perspectives? Do they engage in powerful dialogue bringing different insights to the table?  Do you know how to identify and use the different thinking styles of your team in the decision-making process? Are you using left and right brain thinking as a strategic and competitive benefit?  Let me show you how you can use this amazing tool to achieve spectacular results!

Complete a Team Brain Dominance Profile and discover how to maximize the unique ways in which your team members view the world!