The Spirited Economics™ Organizational Growth Evaluation


The Spirited Economics™ Organizational Growth Assessment evaluates the organization’s current readiness for growth in terms of people, process and structure.  The comprehensive report of the results assists leadership in understanding the barriers to success currently at play in the organization. 

The purpose of The Spirited Economics™ Organizational Growth Evaluation:
  • To provide leadership with an understanding of the organization’s current state of maturity or immaturity as a professional enterprise.
  • To offer leadership a picture of the true internal realities, uncontaminated by political correctness.
  • To provide a solid foundation and roadmap for leadership’s strategic plans for growth. 
  • To provide you with a strategy that aligns and integrates your leadership development plans with your organizational growth goals.

Results are calculated in such a way that the perceptions of leadership can be compared with those of the employees.   In addition the results separate the core causes from the symptoms, to avoid the trap of merely treating symptoms.

This is a 45-minute online evaluation.  This organizational evaluation forms an integral part of The Strategic Leadership Alignment Program.  It is also offered as a stand-alone evaluation  without being a part of the program.


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