Why are there no Tea-partyers in Most Companies?

Let me begin by stating that this blog is not intended to have anything to do with the current politics. In fact, for the purposes of this blog, my definition of the tea party is ‘a group of people who are expressing their dissatisfaction with a situation’.   These are people who are unhappy and they have found […]


What’s Your Company’s Economic Score?

Your Economic Scorecard

Here is a fun (yet serious) way to check your company’s deficits and assets using the alphabet.


Should Your Leaders All Think Alike?


I sometimes wonder why making great decisions seems to be such a challenge for many leaders and their teams.  Consider this scenario.  There are four key decision-makers in a meeting speaking about a process that is not working.  Feelings are running high and there is a great deal of heated debate.  Everyone has […]


Tato-Nano and Leadership?

Corporate Leaders Like the Way They Lead

I read a really thought provoking article this week in the Harvard Business Publishing website, Is the Tata Nano Really “The People’s Car”? written by Scott Anthony.  He speaks about the possibility that the Tata Nano – the so-called people’s car in India that will be […]


Different Economic Realities Call for Different Leadership Skills

The Key to Building a Sustainable Organization

Leadership’s ability to renew the spirit, energy and focus of anxious, dis-spirited employees is the key to building a sustainable organization in the new global economy. But yesterday’s leadership skills are no longer enough to achieve this.

Yesterday’s leadership skills created this problem … (Gallup)

27% of employees are actively […]