Left-Brain.. Right Brain Thinker..Which are You?

How do you feel about the topic of the left brain-right brain and its benefit to the performance of leaders and teams?  Here is why I am asking.  It seems to me that this extremely effective concept, that has enhanced the performance of leaders and teams around the world, is seriously misunderstood. Some […]


Dallas Morning News Article from 2005 Still Accurate Today

I was rearranging my office and found a copy of the article below that Cheryl Hall from the Dallas Morning News wrote about my whole brain work in 2005.  It is fascinating to see how relevant it still is today; in fact, how vital right brain thinking is for getting through the recession and building a powerful […]


Using the Whole Brain in Education

Whole Brain in Education

The power and energy for every single potent act and thought is a sense of self worth.  The way we feel about ourselves will determine the degree of courage with which we take control of our own destinies, our ability to dream dreams of greatness, and act upon them, the […]