What is Happening to Us?


What is happening to us?  Are we becoming addicted to bickering, point-scoring, sniping, and one-upmanship?  Is it only me or do you also notice this?  You cannot switch on the radio, or turn on the TV, without hearing people running others down and denigrating their opinion.  Do you, like me, also get the […]


Did Their Egos Get in the Way?

So Sad to Watch Great Leaders Sabotage Themselves with their Egos


Oh No!  That tricky ego at play yet again!  So here is the scenario.  Three great leaders all under the influence of ego.  One of these leaders is actually the President of the USA, another an esteemed Harvard Professor and the third a […]


Leadership Trait to Avoid: Letting Your Ego Conduct the Meeting

Ego Taking Control

So there I am in a meeting room with George and five members of his team.  George had invited me to sit in on a meeting and evaluate what was happening.  He said that the team was stuck; that they were completely unable to pull in the same direction.  As their […]


Great Leaders Manage their Ego

So there I am, sitting around a boardroom table, some weeks ago, and watching a group of eight executives play ego games with each other. Here are eight talented, educated, experienced, highly paid people who claim to have a common purpose and vision, misusing huge chunks of expensive company time and squandering immense amounts of precious […]


Clinton Cancels Rally Appearance: A Case Of Unmanaged Ego

Hillary Clinton, though opposed to nuclear arms in Iran, cancels appearance at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rally as she didn’t want to share the stage with Sarah Palin. Another case of an unmanaged ego