Does Your Company Have a Partnering Mentality?  Or do you have a Laager Mentality? (Camp protected by a circle of wagons).  The style of your leaders is what will determine the answer to this question. 

One of the finest characteristics of spirited leaders is that they have a strong partnering mentality.  This is what makes them true leaders.  One of their innate values is collaboration – you know that because they think, act and speak collaboratively. They are superb team players. When you interact with them you hear a great deal of ‘we’ and ‘us’ and very little of ‘me, my and I.’   Spirited leaders thrive on the energy of teams and comradeship and are constantly on the lookout for synergistic relationships and strategies.

What I really love most about collaborative people is that they have a spirit of abundance rather than scarcity.  They don’t feel the need to protect their database, their ideas and their territory.  They operate with the knowledge and the belief that when they combine efforts, resources and information, the personal, professional and financial outcomes will always be far greater than their efforts individually. 

Sure there is the danger of being abused by others who are seeking to connect with you with only their own goals in mind.  But spirited people are usually very intuitive and can quickly tell whether someone is entering the relationship with a true partnering mentality or a self-serving one.   And they avoid the self-serving people.

I have always benefited immensely from the synergistic partnering relationships I have had.  And I am very excited about this latest one!  Take a look at this, it’s really cool! Dr. Sandy Gluckman & Franklin Covey Partner to show you How to Formulate and Execute a Powerful Vision to Take Your Company Through the Recession”

Do you know anyone who:

  • Does not display any defensiveness…
  • Who comes across as being authentic, open, honest and collaborative …
  • Someone who isn’t constantly in self-protection mode, self-promotion mode or self-serving mode…
  • Someone whose talents you admire….

Make a list of these people in your life and approach them about a partnering project that has equal benefit for you and them.  I guarantee something great will happen!


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