...spirit as an asset

Dr. Sandy Gluckman and Ed Rankin are combining their expertise to offer organizational leaders a program teaching how to apply corporate and team spirit as a hard-edged economic driver. When spirit goes up, operational costs go down and productivity and profitability go up.

Spirited Leader Program

A 2-Day Offsite with a maximum of 15 leaders . This seminar is based on Sandy Gluckman’s groundbreaking book , Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? Dr Gluckman will teach recession-proof skills that enable leaders to mobilize and apply employee spirit to the achievement of the business goals.

Follow-up one-on-one coaching with Ed Rankin to strengthen these skills as the leaders apply them to the achievement of their business goals.

Dr. Sandy Gluckman 

Dr. Sandy GluckmanDr. Sandy Gluckman is no stranger to huge economic and political change and the impact of this on productivity and profitability.

During the time that apartheid was abandoned in South Africa and Nelson Mandela became President, Dr. Gluckman was hired by the top South African companies to assist them with the huge challenge of renewing the energy and spirit of employees who were switched-off and tuned out from the corporate goals, still feeling the harsh effects of apartheid.

Dr Gluckman assisted many corporate leaders and their teams in successfully and profitably transitioning from one era to another. This powerful leadership development program has moved teams in all industries around the world from mediocre to superb performance.

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Sandy Gluckman


Ed Rankin, SPHR

Ed RankinEd Rankin, SPHR is a respected entrepreneur and coach. He’s successfully worked with scores of professionals and executives in a variety of industries to help them become more effective leaders.

Ed holds a BS degree in Psychology, an MS degree in Labor and Industrial Relations and a Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching. He is currently completing a PhD in Human Development.

He is the author of numerous published articles on employment, performance management and other human resource management topics. Ed has consulted with many of the world’s largest corporations on a variety of talent management topics.

Ed Rankin