Leadership Program Testimonials

Leadership Success

“Your program has been instrumental in assisting me in turning the organization around and increasing sales by 18%.” Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, Phillip Jones – President

“I believe the process has helped us a great deal. The company’s performance has improved dramatically and many more people at all levels of employment are now much more involved with the company. It has been quite amazing to see the kind of contributions coming from people who never contributed much in the past.” Goldmine Software -Dana Buys – President and CEO

“The main task was to help align my executive and Leadership teams behind the vision, mission and values for the newly created company which comprised six previous entities and cultures brought together in acquisition.  Your program proved very conducive to making fast progress in the development of strategic agendas throughout the functions within the company.American Bottling Company – Richard Beardon, President and CEO

“During the intervening three months since your initiative our business has tripled.  The seminars you facilitated and the skills you taught have certainly been manifested during this period of extreme growth.” Newbridge Information Services- David Gauthraux, Chairman and CEO

“Sandy is an excellent coach and consultant, and I would highly recommend her. I was amazed at the results from her creative approach.” Advana Science – Peter Leighton , CEO

“Sandy is one of the most creative, forward thinking professionals I know. Her work offers some of the most exciting new ideas for business I have seen in some time.” The Leadership Skill InnovationManera Group – Ed Rankin President

“It has been a great privilege to have worked with you so closely over the last two years – a period which has marked great change in our company and indeed marked personal growth within myself and many of my colleagues. That we have succeeded in transforming our company to the extent that we have, is attributable more to your contribution than to any other factor.Fraser Alexander Tailings Ltd – Kevin Eborall – Chairman

“Sandy was hired by our organization to help implement and lead change among the executive leaders of our team. Our work with Sandy has helped us achieve key business goals and make revenue enhancing decisions. Sandy did an excellent job of converting the team from `me` to `we`!ASD Healthcare – Neil Herson CEO

“Thank you very much for the superb work done on our recent employee survey.  We have been extremely impressed with the quality and depth of feedback obtained using your approach.  Also the roadmap for addressing the survey results and your integration of this with our vision and strategies offers us great insights into the how we can update our current strategic and training approach. “ Drum Cafe – Natalie Spiro, VP Business Development

“Through your guidance we were able to bring together a cross section of cultures with varied seniority levels, which gave those present a feeling of being part of a team, striving for and achieving common goals.First National Bank Keith Scafturis – General Manager