Most organizations have talented leaders and hard-working teams, yet only 12% of all companies achieve their strategic goals.  Those that succeed have teams with unstoppable spirit and determination.
Building Spirited Teams
2-Day Team Build Workshop

Now is the perfect time to re-engage, refocus and re-energize the teams in your organization so that they are strongly positioned to create sustainable growth.   The overall workshop objective is to build teams that are a quantifiable operating income and financial asset.  These are teams that can maximize their strengths and talents, pull in one direction and boldly strive to execute the strategic goals.

Building Spirited Teams is a highly interactive 2-day team building workshop designed to:
Produce sustainable constructive behavior change. 
Focus on the aligned achievement of your core strategic goals.
Birth new ideas and opportunities for the team’s enhanced performance.
Develop a team roadmap with agreed priorities and metrics of success. 
Encourage open, honest and challenging dialogue and debate.
Remove existing conflict and interpersonal barriers to success.—————

Dr. Gluckman’s team building methodology is backed by extensive experience working with leaders and their teams in multiple industries. This workshop has shifted teams around the globe from poor and mediocre performance to exceptional performance.

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