Way to success



No matter how educated and experienced leaders are, they will now need additional and different skills to take the organization into a new and different future. 


 Yesterday’s leadership skills are not enough!

The Spirited Leader

2-Day Offsite Skills Building Program

The Spirited Leader program addresses six distinctive leadership skills that will re-energize employees, move the company boldly through these challenging times and build a foundation for sustainable growth. The skills taught in this program are not regular leadership skills – they are different skills for a different and new economic reality – based on Dr Gluckman’s extensive  experience in assisting organizations in transition keep pace with new realities.

Program Outline

The six leadership skills designed to give leaders the ability to deliver measurable Spirited Economics™ are: 

Leading from the Future Backwards

Forming Spirited Relationships

Leading with Strategic Alignment

Creating a Culture of Spirited Accountability

Using the Behaviors and Language of Spirited Leaders

Making and Executing Profitable Innovative Decisions


You decide what measures of Spirited Economics you want to track; put your leaders through the program and re-measure.  Participants of this program have delivered the following results…

5-7% per employee productivity improvements
6-12% reduction in top talent turnover
8-20% improvement in management efficiency
25-35% enhanced employee satisfaction
35% or better enhanced customer satisfaction

This program offers the most up-to-date leadership skills based on comprehensive research, case studies and many years of field testing that served as the basis for Dr Gluckman’s book,  Who’s in the Driver’s Seat: Using Spirit to lead Successfully.  


Who should attend?

Executive / Senior Leadership Teams

Emerging Leaders

All levels of leaders who have others reporting to them




Knowing how to switch others on and create spirited, accountable teams is one of the most critical leadership abilities that will set your organization apart from your competition.