Just as misalignment in our physical bodies causes us all kinds of aches and pains, so misaligned leaders create pain for the organization, which then become barriers to success.


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The Strategic Leadership Alignment Program

This is a powerful team building process for senior leaders.  It is designed  to:

  1. Create organizational alignment by ensuring that the leaders at the top are pulling in the same direction, with one vision, one mission, one set of values and one voice. 
  2. Renew and refocus leadership’s collective talent and commitment to the agreed business goals.
  3. Identify and remove any conflicting agendas
  4. Build cultural and operational alignment. 
  5. Ensure leadership has the behavior and communication skills to mobilize the employees so that they take enthusiastic ownership of the business goals and deliver superior performance.

The Strategic Leadership Alignment Program  is customized to integrate your company’s existing Vision, Mission, Values, core strategic goals and metrics for success.   (If these require updating, this will be built into the program and will require additional time).   

As an integral part of the program leaders will measure:

  1. The organization’s current capacity for strategic goal execution – this is obtained through the online completion of  The Spirited Economics Growth Evaluation prior to the program.
  2. Leadership’s current ability to build alignment and achieve execution.  This information is obtained by the online completion of the Spirited Leader Review which also provides each delegate with a personal development plan.

This is a 4-day Program that can be conducted offsite over 4 consecutive days or in two offsite sessions of two days each or one day a week for four weeks.

The Strategic Leadership Alignment Program is a powerful way to ensure that senior leaders are united and equipped with updated leadership skills and strategic steps of action that can be immediately implemented and measured. 

Who Should Attend?

  • C-Level Leaders
  • Senior Executives
  • Emerging Leaders