Why are there no Tea-partyers in Most Companies?

Let me begin by stating that this blog is not intended to have anything to do with the current politics. In fact, for the purposes of this blog, my definition of the tea party is ‘a group of people who are expressing their dissatisfaction with a situation’.   These are people who are unhappy and they have found the courage to express their unhappiness.  Obviously how they do this is important but that is not pertinent to today’s blog.

So why are there no ‘tea party-ers ‘ in most companies? Continue reading Why are there no Tea-partyers in Most Companies?


Leaders that Rock!


Yesterday I was jogging around a man-made lake in the area where I live.  It was one of those hot and very humid days that Dallas is known for and my biorhythms were not great.  I was pushing myself to keep going. Several times I considered giving up and going home.  As I ran past a couple who were walking their beautiful white Labrador, I greeted them and the woman shouted,   ‘You go, girl!’

Well firstly it was a long time since I had been called a girl – but I guess this was just a form of expression.  But something so interesting happened to me.  I had this incredible burst of speed and energy and I virtually flew around the lake.   On my second trip around, I saw them coming up towards me and I tried even harder and ran even faster.   The lady shouted, ‘You rock girl,’ and I sure did!  Continue reading Leaders that Rock!


What Today’s Leaders Can Learn From Nelson Mandela’s Leadership Style

Parallels  Between USA and South Africa

The USA and South Africa are oceans apart in geography, culture and history.  And yet, as someone who was born in South Africa and lived there for more than half my life, and who is now a US citizen, I see several fascinating parallels.  Today South Africa is struggling to overcome a terrible history of racialism and oppression that still lingers and holds progress back.  The USA has its own unenviable history in this regard, and is also still struggling to rise above this and move forward as one nation.  South Africa is currently going through huge political, cultural and economic changes.  So is the USA.  Unemployment is a serious problem for South Africa as it is for Americans. The people of South Africa are angry; they want to be heard; they want real and relevant change.  This also describes the people of the USA.   The large majority of government, political and business leaders in South Africa are faced with the challenge of having to transform their leadership style to one that is more inclusive, collaborative, transparent and authentic.  The leaders in the USA are faced with the same challenge. Continue reading What Today’s Leaders Can Learn From Nelson Mandela’s Leadership Style


What is Happening to Us?


What is happening to us?  Are we becoming addicted to bickering, point-scoring, sniping, and one-upmanship?  IsAre we bickering too much? it only me or do you also notice this?  You cannot switch on the radio, or turn on the TV, without hearing people running others down and denigrating their opinion.  Do you, like me, also get the sense that mainstream media, blogs and many prominent business and government leaders are in heavy defense mode?   Or is it just me?  I would really love to hear your perspective on this. Continue reading What is Happening to Us?


A Tale of Two Leaders


 I will spare you (and myself) a description of the unprecedented economic events of the past sixteen months.  We all know what has happened Who's in the Driver Seat? by Dr. Sandy Gluckmanand the impact this is having on every one of us.  So with that as the background, let me tell you a tale of two leaders and how each deals with their stress differently. The first is George (you might have met him in my book, Who’s in the Driver’s Seat. )

George is a highly intelligent and talented guy.  Like most leaders attempting to build a sustainable organization and keep their jobs in this challenging economy, George is pretty stressed.  But George is not managing his stress very well.  Unmanaged stress is a terrible thing.  It’s like leaking water – it creeps into every corner, leaving damage everywhere that it goes. Continue reading A Tale of Two Leaders