Education Keynotes

Dr. Gluckman offers fascinating keynotes and skills building programs for Principals, Teachers and College Lecturers, showing powerful and practical ways to blend the cognitive academic approach with the development of creativity, courage and self- worth.

If You Can Think It, Picture It and Feel It, You Will Learn It 
Using the Whole Brain in Education

In this state-of-the-art approach to the topic of education, you will be taken on a journey that will engage you intellectually as well as emotionally.  You will discover that the truly gifted student of 2009 and beyond is the student who is intellectually, as well as emotionally superior.   One without the other does not describe ‘a great student.’

In this inspiring presentation you will learn – and experience –how to teach in a whole brain way, how to apply whole brain tools in your classroom irrespective of the subject you teach and creative ways to combine academic education with building self-esteem.

Interactive Teacher Skills program:  Teaching That Heals The BrainSkills

(Half day; I-Day; 2 Days)

These presentations are designed to teach the theory of whole brain education together with practice of skills and tools that can be immediately implemented by teachers, lecturers and principals.

Included in these presentations is an assessment for each participant The HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®).  This will provide the participant with an in-depth understanding of their own brain preference and how this impacts their teaching style.

Dr Gluckman’s Educational Bio

Dr. Sandy Gluckman has lectured for the Business Schools in South Africa.  Also for the Executive MBA Program at Texas Women’s University and The University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management.

She taught in the South African public and private school system for many years and opened an after-school tutoring center for student who needed extra attention.

Sandy’s PhD in whole-brain communication and education included a study of 85 teachers and 1500 students.  She has conducted many training and development groups for teachers of all grades and has lectured extensively to parents on the importance of understanding and honoring the way their children’s brain prefers to think.

Sandy is serious, yet funny; academic yet practical; challenging yet compassionate and her dynamic mixture of intellectual content with the funny side of life moves her audiences in life-changing ways. She brings theory and words to life in her talks by applying whole brain principles on stage.