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Sandy was born in Johannesburg, South Africa during the apartheid era. Hear her tell amazing stories of how, through the horrors of apartheid and the courage of Nelson Mandela, she gave birth to her incredible concept of Spirited Leadership.

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Whether they are senior executives, managers, or employees, her audience immediately connects with her sensing that this is a person who has a very real grasp of their pain and joys, their needs and dreams and their disappointments and hopes.  And is prepared to speak about ‘the elephant in the room.’

Thousands of leaders around the globe have left her talks with a fire in their bellies, together with amazing tools, to become ‘leaders with spirit.’

If you want your audience to be captivated, sit on the edge of their chairs, laugh, cry, reflect, look in the mirror, confront realities and feel deeply inspired to learn a new way of leading, then you need to know Dr. Sandy Gluckman.

Below are some clips from some of Sandy’s keynote addresses.

Watch Dr. Sandy Gluckman in Action!
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Keynotes With a Difference!

Sandy also offers an alternative keynote format where she weaves dramatic enactments, song, dance and drums into the content of her keynote talks.

She achieves this by bringing two performers with her who role play scenarios depicting her leading edge business concepts. The interplay between Sandy’s presentation of content and the performer’s humorous dramatization of this content keeps audiences spellbound and transforms the keynote into an experience audiences will not forget.  The result? They leave knowing exactly how to use what they have learned.