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Why Leaders Now Need Nelson Mandela’s Leadership Style.

In this fascintaing talk Dr. Gluckman showcases the unmatched leadership style of Nelson Mandela.  Dr Gluckman lived in South Africa during the apartheid era, and assisted business leaders with the corporate challenges when Mandela became president.  She reveals intriguing parallels between South Africa and the USA today, in terms of leadership traits, leadership style and leadership approaches in times of transition – and how this impacts business and the economy.

This talk is a compelling call to action for leaders to explore the phenomenal and inspirational leadership style of Nelson Mandela.  Dr Gluckman outlines what these leadership characteristics are,  and why leaders need to emulate this leadership style at this moment in time.  You will walk away with a new stance on what truly great leadership is and a 5-Step Process for putting this into action.

Violet jacket speaker From Survival to Revival: Leadership Skills for a New Reality.

In this stimulating keynote, packed with stories, humor, facts and figures, Sandy demonstrates a fascinating approach to leadership in times of major transition. The bankruptcies and bailouts of 2008 have clearly indicated that there can never again be ‘leadership as usual’. In this talk Sandy presents Six Spirited Leadership Skills that will dramatically shift leaders from a pre-recession leadership style to leading with updated skills relevant to the current realities. Taken from her book, “Who’s in the Driver’s Seat: Using Spirit to Lead Successfully”.

 Sandy doing a presentation

Taking Employees from Fear and Stress to Passion and Purpose

This is a provocative talk in which Dr. Gluckman reveals the incredible impact that current employee shock, stress and trauma is having on productivity and performance. In her usual exciting and stirring style she discloses groundbreaking leadership skills and strategies that will renew the spirit and energy of the employees, giving the organization the ability to move quickly and strongly through the current economic challenges.


Half-Brain Thinking Got Us Into The Recession;  Whole Brain Thinking Will Get Us Out

For decades now analytical, logical, structured, detailed left brain thinking has been ‘king’ in business with little, if any, input from the right brain.  Dr Gluckman provides entertaining and informative examples of how predominantly left brain thinking played a role in creating the recession and is now causing companies to regress instead of progress.   In this fascinating talk, delivered in a highly engaging whole brain way, you will learn how to combine the left and right brains to reconfigure where your business is going and the most agile and resourceful way to get there.

What Vision? I Don’t See a Vision?

What VisionOne of the most critical leadership qualities for creating sustainable corporate growth is the ability to formulate, communicate and operationalize a powerful vision of the ideal future for the organization. Dr. Gluckman is a master at formulating and implementing corporate visions that drive sustainable results. She has seen the best and the worst of visions; visions that have inspired great performance and visions which have not. In this fascinating keynote speech Sandy offers a different perspective into what a true vision is, what it is not, why having a vision is vital, how it aligns the workforce and impacts performance. In this highly motivational presentation you will be experience different kinds of visions and understand how to create one that works!


Building Unstoppable, High-Performing Teams

What Vision2Dr. Gluckman offers a totally different take on why teams struggle to pull cohesivley in one direction, showing how ego gets in the way of true collaboration.  She presents this in a way that will have you roaring with laughter as you recognize some of the 6 critical mistakes that your team is making.  You will also learn 6 unusual, easy to apply action steps for building unstoppable teams driven by authenticity, unity, courage and accountability. Pulled directly from her book, Who’s in the Driver’s Seat: Using Spirit to Lead Successfully”