“Thank you so much for investing in our team! We had a blast while you were here and have used the topic of your book in many of our discussions regarding leadership and our team interaction.  I am a big proponent of the idea behind “spirited economics” and “spirited leadership”. I truly believe that it is the only way that a leader can be effective in leaving a legacy worth mentioning.” Donavon Roberson,  Zappos Insights

“Your presentation proved to be a powerful aid in getting through to our employees, some of the principles we are committed to in our ongoing efforts towards a more diverse workplace.” Dr PepperLarry Solomon – VP Human Resources


“Sandy,  thanks for your humility and genius. It was our pleasure and honor to have you as our star speaker.”  Texas Womens  University – Dr Mahesh Raisinghani

“Sandy Gluckman’s presentation was entertaining, education and very relevant.  Her delivery style and enthusiasm were refreshing and comments from those attending were so positive.  I heard many people say “I wish my boss had been here!”  Thank you Sandy for making our Leadership graduation luncheon a hit – you were right on the mark!” Allen Chamber of Commerce- Sharon Mayer, President/CEO

“Your powerful approach delivered in an engaging, entertaining and compelling fashion caused real and noticeable change within the 37,000 strong workforce. ” Amalgamated Banks of South Africa – Santie Botha, Marketing Director

“It’s obvious she believes in what she does and has fun doing it. She knows her stuff and knows how to deliver it.” The Dallas Morning News Editors Team