What is Spirited Economics™?

The basis of Spirited Economics™ is that employee spirit is a quantifiable corporate financial asset.


Switched-on employees create profit

Successful business leaders intuitively see that some important variables are left out of the standard economic model.  Spirited Economics expands that narrow model and treats employee spirit as an operating income that must also be factored into the bottom line.  Imagine how performance will improve if everyone understood that employee spirit is a P&L line item!

Spirited Economics™ is also based on the economic principle that self-interest is the primary human motive in economic activity. This means that employees cannot be superficially motivated and incentivized to deliver improved performance.  They must want to do this.   In this model the level of company and team performance is directly linked to the answer to these questions:

Are your employees working with spirit?’

‘Are they switched-on to the business goals?’

If the answer is  ‘Yes!’  this employee spirit will be measurably reflected in:
Reduced Operating Costs
Increased Productivity
Higher Profit margins
Profitable and Innovative Decision Making
Increased Employee Satisfaction
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Achievement of Strategic Goals
Enhanced Revenue