Different Thinking Styles Apparent for Spirited Leaders

One of the characteristics of great organizational leaders who demonstrate high leadership spirit is that they are well-read and informed about the fact that mobilizing the workforce to deliver exceptional performance requires the ability to ‘speak the language’ that the employee relates to.  What this means is that some employees prefer to communicate with the logical left brain and others prefer the creative, emotive communication of the right brain.  Speak to a left brainer in an emotive, intuitive way and guess what?  They don’t get the message!  Speak to a right brainer in a logical, ordered way … and they don’t get it!  Great leaders learn to communicate with the whole brain thereby mobilizing all employees and inspiring them to deliver exceptional productivity. 


Sandy Gluckman has a Ph.D in whole brain education and communication.

Spirited leaders also know that profitable and innovative decisions are made when there is open and honest dialogue during the decision-making process.   Creative and often heated debate is always the result of team members having different perspectives on the same issue.  Physiologically speaking having diverse perspectives amongst team members means that some individuals are right brain thinkers and others are left brain thinkers.  The result is that every possible aspect of the issue is being taken into account and all possibilities and opportunities are brought to the table. 

This is critical to formulating competitive strategies and making great decisions.  It means that leaders need to be educated about the physiological ways in which their team members’ brains prefer to think … and then purposefully leverage this diversity of thinking style for the development of strategies and plans that will bring huge success.

Finally spirited leaders make a conscious effor not to hire people who think like they do.  Instead they hire people who think differently and who have the courage and spirit to speak out at meetings and share ideas that can, and often do, lead to opportunities not previously seen. 

Half Brained Teams Deliver Half Brained Results

Do you have a team of ‘clones’ who all think in the same way about most things?  Or do you have a team that views the world from diverse perspectives and courageously communicate these diverse perspectives in the interest of making powerful decisions that will benefit the team, as well as the organization?

When the team consists of both left and right brainers, they will integrate logic and intuition, theory and imagination, details and the panoramic view,  all of which enables them to discover innovative solutions and make profitable decisions that will keep them a step ahead of the competitors.  I highly recommend that your team consider completing a Brain Dominance Profile. Being aware of the thinking style of the team will alert you to what your team will think about and what they will leave out in planning and decision-making.


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