Spirited LeadershipLeadership at a crossroads

There are:

2 kinds of leaders
2 kinds of teams
2 kinds of corporate cultures
2 kinds of customer service
2 kinds of brands

Those with spirit and those without spirit

Leadership spirit produces employee spirit.  This produces corporate spirit which produces spectacular results.  A Gallup Research Study shows that the loss of employee spirit is costing the American economy $300 billion dollars a year. Employees switch off and tune out when they have leaders who do not have the ability to connect with them in a genuinely collaborative way.

How do we recognize Spirited Leaders?

Spirited Leaders ‘get it’ that the spirit and energy of their teams is a quantifiable financial asset and they know how to tap into this amazing asset that exists in all individuals and all teams.  Spirited leaders are distinguishable by just ONE trait that is the foundation for all other leadership characteristics that make great things happen … they ignite the ExtraOrdinary being that exists in every person they engage with. And they do this through RealConnection!