Leadership Trait to Avoid: Letting Your Ego Conduct the Meeting

Ego Taking Control

So there I am in a meeting room with George and five members of his team.  George had invited me to sit in on a meeting and evaluate what was happening.  He said that the team was stuck; that they were completely unable to pull in the same direction.  As their […]


The Economics of Corporate Culture

What is Corporate Culture?

What is this thing we call ‘culture?’ My favorite definition of culture is, ‘a way of life’. This is true for organizations, families, friendships, marriages, colleges and countries.  In fact, wherever there is a group, be it small or large, there is a culture… a way of life, or ‘the […]


The Link Between Corporate Culture and Economic Success

It seems to me that some organizations look at culture as though it is something ‘out there’, floating around in the passageways, something that has a life of its own; something that can be measured with culture surveys.

I define culture as, ‘the way things are done around here.’ Think about an organization. It does not […]