A Tale of Two Leaders


 I will spare you (and myself) a description of the unprecedented economic events of the past sixteen months.  We all know what has happened and the impact this is having on every one of us.  So with that as the background, let me tell you a tale of two leaders and how each deals with […]


Leaders of the Future

Dean Erikson and Dr. Gluckman

Students are such an exciting audience.   They are discerning and open, forthright and respectful, curious and imaginative.  That’s how I found the leadership faculty and students to be when I spoke at TCU’s Neely School of Business.  The topic was Spirited Leadership and how this differs from ego-driven […]


Should Your Leaders All Think Alike?


I sometimes wonder why making great decisions seems to be such a challenge for many leaders and their teams.  Consider this scenario.  There are four key decision-makers in a meeting speaking about a process that is not working.  Feelings are running high and there is a great deal of heated debate.  Everyone has […]


Where Has All The Spirit Gone?

Have We Lost Our Spirit?

Leader and employee spirit is the currency of success and yet these statistics tell a story that is economically not viable.


Different Economic Realities Call for Different Leadership Skills

The Key to Building a Sustainable Organization

Leadership’s ability to renew the spirit, energy and focus of anxious, dis-spirited employees is the key to building a sustainable organization in the new global economy. But yesterday’s leadership skills are no longer enough to achieve this.

Yesterday’s leadership skills created this problem … (Gallup)

27% of employees are actively […]