Where are the True Leaders?

Interview on The Big Easy

This morning I was interviewed on the WEKZ Big Easy Radio Station. The interviewer, Scott Thompson, asked me some thought-provoking questions and made some excellent comments which I thought I would share with you.  The question I found the most interesting was, “Where are the true leaders … the Thomas Jefferson’s?”  […]


Spirited Leaders Leverage Different Thinking Styles

Different Thinking Styles Apparent for Spirited Leaders

One of the characteristics of great organizational leaders who demonstrate high leadership spirit is that they are well-read and informed about the fact that mobilizing the workforce to deliver exceptional performance requires the ability to ‘speak the language’ that the employee relates to.  What this means is […]


The Economics of Corporate Culture

What is Corporate Culture?

What is this thing we call ‘culture?’ My favorite definition of culture is, ‘a way of life’. This is true for organizations, families, friendships, marriages, colleges and countries.  In fact, wherever there is a group, be it small or large, there is a culture… a way of life, or ‘the […]