Our Approach to Leadership is Outdated

Have you joined the Rebirth of Leadership?

What an incredible time to be a corporate leader.  This is a historic moment for leadership, a moment that places leaders at the cusp of a huge rebirth of what it means to be a true leader.  The whole concept of leadership is going through a natural […]


Spirited Leaders Leverage Different Thinking Styles

Different Thinking Styles Apparent for Spirited Leaders

One of the characteristics of great organizational leaders who demonstrate high leadership spirit is that they are well-read and informed about the fact that mobilizing the workforce to deliver exceptional performance requires the ability to ‘speak the language’ that the employee relates to.  What this means is […]


The Leadership Traits of Recession-Proof Leaders – Part 2

The Leadership Traits of Recession-Proof Leaders – Part 2  (click her for Part 1)
Phase 1   Begin with YOU

Take this issue seriously, very seriously.  Become informed about what your employees are going through.  Understand the nature of the challenge you face as the leader of distressed employees and the impact of this on their productivity and […]


The Leadership Traits of Recession-Proof Leaders

Leadership Traits of Recession-Proof-Leaders – Part 1

The sudden and unprecedented financial meltdown of 2008 has left its mark on the psyche of the nation. Millions of people are showing physical, emotional and behavioral signs of shock. Employees are coming to work with huge levels of anxiety and fear, they have seen their neighbors, colleagues, […]


Leadership Skills for the Recession.

Recession Leadership Skills

We are in the midst of a great transformation in Leadership.  Thoughtful and courageous leaders are asking questions like ‘What leadership traits are necessary to be a great leader in this recession?    What kind of leadership behaviors is appropriate now?   What kind of leadership qualities and skills will we need when we come […]