A Tale of Two Leaders


 I will spare you (and myself) a description of the unprecedented economic events of the past sixteen months.  We all know what has happened and the impact this is having on every one of us.  So with that as the background, let me tell you a tale of two leaders and how each deals with […]


Different Economic Realities Call for Different Leadership Skills

The Key to Building a Sustainable Organization

Leadership’s ability to renew the spirit, energy and focus of anxious, dis-spirited employees is the key to building a sustainable organization in the new global economy. But yesterday’s leadership skills are no longer enough to achieve this.

Yesterday’s leadership skills created this problem … (Gallup)

27% of employees are actively […]


The Games Family Companies Play

The business environment is abound with games that people play– boardroom games, political games, one-upmanship games, money games , entitlement games, greed games– to name only a few.

A ‘game’ is the kind of non-authentic interaction that occurs in a relationship when someone has a personal agenda and is attempting to influence an outcome to their […]


Creating Spirited Economics

By Sandy Gluckman PhD
Author of ‘Who’s in the Driver’s Seat; Using Spirit to Lead Successfully’


 The concept of spirited economics refers to the ability of organizations to achieve extraordinary profits and obtain the projected economic outcomes by putting the spirit of the people to work.

One of the core issues of spirited economics is asking and […]