Leaders that Rock!


Yesterday I was jogging around a man-made lake in the area where I live.  It was one of those hot and very humid days that Dallas is known for and my biorhythms were not great.  I was pushing myself to keep going. Several times I considered giving up and going home.  As I ran past […]


What Today’s Leaders Can Learn From Nelson Mandela’s Leadership Style

Parallels  Between USA and South Africa

The USA and South Africa are oceans apart in geography, culture and history.  And yet, as someone who was born in South Africa and lived there for more than half my life, and who is now a US citizen, I see several fascinating parallels.  Today South Africa is […]


A Tale of Two Leaders


 I will spare you (and myself) a description of the unprecedented economic events of the past sixteen months.  We all know what has happened and the impact this is having on every one of us.  So with that as the background, let me tell you a tale of two leaders and how each deals with […]


Spirited Leaders Leverage Different Thinking Styles

Different Thinking Styles Apparent for Spirited Leaders

One of the characteristics of great organizational leaders who demonstrate high leadership spirit is that they are well-read and informed about the fact that mobilizing the workforce to deliver exceptional performance requires the ability to ‘speak the language’ that the employee relates to.  What this means is […]


The Leadership Traits of Recession-Proof Leaders

Leadership Traits of Recession-Proof-Leaders – Part 1

The sudden and unprecedented financial meltdown of 2008 has left its mark on the psyche of the nation. Millions of people are showing physical, emotional and behavioral signs of shock. Employees are coming to work with huge levels of anxiety and fear, they have seen their neighbors, colleagues, […]