Interview on The Big Easy

BigEasyThis morning I was interviewed on the WEKZ Big Easy Radio Station. The interviewer, Scott Thompson, asked me some thought-provoking questions and made some excellent comments which I thought I would share with you.  The question I found the most interesting was, “Where are the true leaders … the Thomas Jefferson’s?”  The question was prompted by the belief that there is a great deal of pseudo-leadership and hypocrisy out there and what appears to be a scarcity of true leaders.  

In my studies of quantum physics and the laws of the universe I learned that everything is in balance.  So for every pseudo-leader out there, there must also be a true leader somewhere.   The question is why are we not hearing more from them?  Perhaps, as Jim Collins says in Good to Great, they have a great deal of humility and do not need the publicity and attention.  Tony Hsieh is a perfect example of a great leader.  Leaders around the nation would do well to explore what he is doing that enables him to deliver the phenomenal ‘Spirited Economics™’ that the company Zappos delivers.

Hsieh’s leadership approach certainly fits well with my own Spirited Leader concept.  Spirited Leaders are not driven by their egos but rather by a quiet self-confidence and authenticity.  It is only the ego that needs the public acclaim.  I am sure there are many true leaders around the nation that are doing a spirited job of helping our economy.

So this question has prompted me to jumpstart a project I have wanted to launch for a while now.  I would like to identify and interview Spirited Leaders who are having a significant impact on the lives of their employees, their customers and on our economy.

If you are one of these leaders or you know anyone who is, please contact me.  Let’s discover who these people are and learn from what they are doing!


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