Have We Lost Our Spirit?

Leader and employee spirit is the currency of success and yet these statistics tell a story that is economically not viable.

Where is all the spirit?

Research shows that the average person wastes about 250 hours per year in unproductive meetings.  Take the number of people who report to you.  Calculate their annual salaries and add your annual salary to this total.   Let’s work on a 40 hour week and 50 week year. This equates to 2000 annual working hours.  250 wasted hours is 12.5% of 2000 hours. Now calculate 12.5% of the annual salaries of yourself and your team.  Multiply this across the organization and the number becomes frightening.

Spirit is a Hard-edged Economic Driver

When leaders display the 6 essential elements of Spirit displayed below the result is very different.   I call this Spirited Economics™ – a highly profitable and competitive organization with the capacity for strong sustainable growth.  These improvements in economic performance are essentially due to one thing only – spirited leaders create a workplace in which employees feel safe to bring their spirit to work.  Spirited employees produce spectacular results.

Spirit is the Currency of Success

We can shift from the first story to this second one if leaders will reconnect with their own personal spirit and the spirit of their employees.  Let’s make it happen!

If you are interested in learning more about finding your spirit again and reviving your organization, please contact me.


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