Let me begin by stating that this blog is not intended to have anything to do with the current politics. In fact, for the purposes of this blog, my definition of the tea party is ‘a group of people who are expressing their dissatisfaction with a situation’.   These are people who are unhappy and they have found the courage to express their unhappiness.  Obviously how they do this is important but that is not pertinent to today’s blog.

So why are there no ‘tea party-ers ‘ in most companies?

In most companies if employees are unhappy about the way they are being treated by their boss, or about the stifling business culture, or the difference between the stated corporate values and the actual leadership behaviors, or the disempowering leadership style or anything else, it would be most unlikely to find a group of employees joining together to put a voice to this.  Firstly, people need the job very badlyso they are not about to do anything that will upset the apple cart; and second, that is ‘not the way things are done around here.’  So millions of employees in companies around the nation consciously choose to shut down, tune out and push forward, despite their unhappiness.  This is a recipe for an economic disaster measurable in the following ways:

  • Increased  Operating Costs
  • Poor Productivity
  • Lower Profit Margins
  • Decreased  Customer Satisfaction
  • Bad Decision Making
  • Reduced Innovation
  • Inability to find creative solutions to challenges
  • Lack of achievement of Strategic Goals
  • Reduced Revenue

What’s the Solution?

Successful business leaders intuitively see that some important variables are left out of the standard economic model, one of these variable being the energy and spirit of the employees.  Spirited Economics™ expands that narrow economic model and treats employee spirit as an operating income that must also be factored into the bottom line.

Imagine how performance will improve if everyone treated employee spirit is a P&L line item!

If leaders understood that sustainable growth is directly linked to high levels of employee spirit, they would be sure to lead in ways that encourage heated debate, powerful dialogue and open, honest communication.  This will translate into an energized workforce, striving together for shared goals and   committed and determined to make great things happen.  Spirited Economics™ is based on the transformational belief that employees cannot be motivated and incentivized to deliver improved performance.  They must want to do this.  In this model the kind of company performance being achieved is directly linked to the answer to these questions,

‘Are our employees working with spirit?’

‘Are they switched-on to our business goals?’

How would you answer this question with regard to YOUR employees?


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